Italy is with empty pockets. And Conte praises himself for the relaunch


It is the day that marks the reopening of regional borders. June 3, 2020. The lockdown is over for now. But it is also the day when Giuseppe Conte he is called to explain to the country the measures he intends to put in place to restart the economy. A wounded economy that wants to start running again. Italian companies are in a dramatic situation which risks detonating an unprecedented social crisis. In May (Confindustria data) there was a 33.8% decrease in industrial production compared to the same month last year. A slightly better figure than the -44.3% trend recorded in April. This decline would result in a negative contribution of around 5 percentage points to the decrease in GDP in the second quarter. Less consumption and less production worry entrepreneurs.

This press conference comes the day after events center-right and orange vests. And Conte responds to the squares that contested him. After the emergency phase, the government is now called to set the agenda. In a word: reforms. It is also the day when the rumors follow one another: the premier would not be suitable to launch Italy towards reconstruction. His personal future at Palazzo Chigi is undermined.

“The situation is under control,” begins Conte. “The data is encouraging. The trend is steadily decreasing from Lombardy to Sicily. The road is the right one.” It captures the enthusiasm of the citizens. The rediscovered sociability gives joy, but this is the moment of responsibility. “We have chosen to change our lifestyle habits to avoid the spread of the virus and we are succeeding. But Covid has not disappeared. There is still data, albeit declining, which shows that evil is still around.”

Now more than ever we must focus on promoting the Italian brand in the world. “The beauty of Italy is still in quarantine”. We must face the economic crisis. We have allocated large numbers to be able to deal with the emergency. Bonus for self-employed and VAT numbers. But there are some flaws that we are working on. Delays and an apparatus that was not ready for an emergency like this. These measures are only the beginning: we must continue to intervene. Tourism, manufacturing, entertainment. Whole sectors of commerce, small businesses. We must return with effective measures.

Talks about renew Italy from the foundations. It will have to be a fresh start. Quote Mattarella: “We must act with the wisdom of our fathers and grandparents”. The EU is on our side, thanks also to the work of the government. The Recovery fund. “We must know how to spend this money. And from here passes the credibility of the Italy system. We will have to modernize the country, increase digitization, fight tax evasion. We must work to support our businesses. We must relaunch public and private investments, streamlining bureaucracy A decisive transition towards a green economy is needed We must support the right to study: more researchers, more well-trained students.

Then justice: we need a reform that reduces trial times. Something that could attract companies to come and invest in Italy. “We need to reform the tax authorities to pay everyone and pay less.” Inequalities need to be tackled. “In short, a broad program that will guide us in the coming months”. I intend to convene at Palazzo Chigi: brilliant minds, social partners. Open a table that the task force leader Vittorio Colao worked on. We need a revitalization phase. “But I am aware that it is a really useful project: it requires courage, long sight, vision”.

Finally he concludes: “Today the first red arrow has left from Turin to Reggio Calabria. You have to work at high speed, where it doesn’t exist. From Pescara to Lecce, without forgetting Sicily”