Is 5G really dangerous? Between hoaxes and alarms let’s clarify

What is 5g?

It is the next step to the current cell phone network, it is trivially the fifth generation of current technologies that have already conquered the planet. Compared to current antennas that radiate the “cell”, ie the coverage area, in a uniform way, the 5g allows to modulate the signal. This means that the antennas, commonly called “intelligent”, amplify the radiation beam based on the bandwidth demands of the moment and in a targeted way towards the device that requests bandwidth.

What are the frequencies used?

While the current 4g network uses frequencies between 800 MHz and 2.6 GHz, the 5g will have three distinct bands: the 700 MHz one, the one between 3600 and 3800 MHz and finally the 26 GHz. It seems to scare the population be the broad frequency bands. But in reality the opposite is true, the higher the frequency the lower the radiation hazard. Just think of the light: it is an electromagnetic radiation that has a frequency 10 thousand times higher than 5g.

Will the 5g be checked?

Even the previous mobile phone technologies were subjected to checks so, obviously, 5G will also be supervised. There are precise and rigorous rules especially regarding the exposure limits for the population. On 12 July 1999 the EU Council issued legislation to define the levels of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields. By way of example: the reference level of a 900 MHz mobile phone is 41.25 volts per meter (V / m), for a microwave oven (2.3-2.4 GHz) it is equal to 61 V / m.

Who set these limits?

The European recommendation is not the result of a political choice but of international scientific studies of the International Commission for the protection from non-ionizing radiation (ICNIRP)

And in Italy? What are the limits?

Italy is among the countries that have defined the highest level of protection. The exposure limit in the frequencies from 3 MHz to 3 GHz is equal to 20 V / m while in the frequencies from 3 GHz to 300 GHz it is 40 V / m: our country has reached 6 V / m on all frequencies .

5g and Covid-19

Among the social media and it must be admitted among some political exponents, the rumor is spreading that there are correlations between 5g and Covid-19. The Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Istituto Superiore di Sanità confirms that there is absolutely no “scientific evidence indicating a correlation between the new coronavirus epidemic and the 5G network”. “To date,” said the ministry website, “and after much research, no negative health effects have been causally linked to exposure to wireless technologies.”

5g and tumors, will they increase with the arrival of new antennas?

The study carried out by the Ramazzini Institute in Bologna is often cited, which has shown that statistically there has been an increase in malignant tumors following exposure to radio frequencies. But it should be noted that these searches were carried out with technologies prior to 5g. The same study, then, according to the International Commission for the Protection from Non-Ionizing Radiation (ICNIRP) does not provide consistent, reliable and generalizable evidence that can be used to modify the current limits.

Will there be an increase in cellular antennas?

Our country is already widely covered by transmission towers. From the information received so far from the subjects involved there will certainly be the modification of the equipment at the top of the towers themselves. Installation of new antennas may occur but smaller than the current ones. Not new towers but probably light poles or even boxes above the traffic lights. But this increase in antennas is necessary as the 5g signal is weaker and needs to be replicated. But above all the signal, as we explain below, does not have great penetration capacity and therefore needs to be spread more widely.

But will 5g waves enter my body?

As we said, the 5G will work on very high frequencies and in radio waves the higher the frequency the lower the ability to penetrate tissues or even the skin. They also won’t have enough energy to cause cellular damage. To be clear, they are not X or UV rays.

Is the immune system lowered by 5g?

Another claim devoid of any scientific evidence: there has been no such lowering even with the lower frequencies (which we said were more invasive).

Did Covid-19 from Wuhan arrive through 5g?

One of the most beloved claims by conspiracy theorists on social media is that the epidemic broke out in Wuhan and then in Northern Italy because they are places where 5g experimentation began. Too bad that the data on the spread of coronavirus deny: the epidemic, indeed the pandemic was global. A country heavily affected by the coronavirus was Iran and not even a 5g antenna was turned on here. The waves of 5g do not weaken the immune system nor are they able to carry the droplet: therefore it is not clear how it is possible to associate the two events. It is like associating deaths from flu with the sale of jackets during the winter, two figures that grow simultaneously but are not scientifically related.