Infections and deaths on Thursday 4 June 2020


Thursday 4th June. After the slight rise in the positive cases to covid-19 on Wednesday, the Lombardy Region hoped for a new decline in the infection curve, which occurred on Thursday, although strongly influenced by the very low number of swabs examined. In the past 24 hours, only 3,410 swabs were made across the region. Of these +84 were positive (2.5% ratio with daily swabs).

The people currently positive for coronavirus in Lombardy are 20,224, 89,526 from the beginning of the pandemic to today. Victims increase to 16,201, 29 more than on Wednesday.

Positive data on the recovered and discharged, which increase by 55 units. Equally good is the number of ICU patients that drops by -6 people, today 125 people remain in intensive care. On the other hand, 2,954 (-41) hospitalized non-ICU patients.

Coronavirus data for each province: the June 4th bulletin

In Milan there are 23,207 cases since the start of the pandemic (+31) of which 9,838 (+16) in Milan city. Bergamo 13.466 (+1), Brescia 14.881 (+20), Como 3.894 (+4), Cremona 6.471 (+1), Lecco 2.761 (+5), Lodi 3.485 (+2), Mantua 3.369 (+2), Monza and Brianza 5,559 (+3), Pavia 5,371 (+6), Sondrio 1,471 (+2), Varese 3,643 (+6). There are still 1,948 patients under verification.

Infographics with regional data

Infographics with data for each province

Lombardy Coronavirus Bulletin June 4, 2020-2

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The mandatory mask until there is a vaccine

On Wednesday Attilio Fontana, the Lombard governor, speaking on TV said that masks will be mandatory until there is a vaccine against coronavirus. “I have talked to many doctors and many scientists who say that the mask is the main means by which infection is avoided, and considering that it is annoying but not so dramatically annoying and that it allows us a practically normal life, I believe it is just bring it again until we are sure that the virus is defeated “.

“To the Italians – Fontana said – I think we should say that life can start to be normal life again but we must also say that those precautions (the mask, the distancing and avoiding the gatherings) must be maintained. One cannot think that everything has returned as before. We have regained a part of our freedom but still not a little bit. ”

The road to the Lombard vaccine

A Lombard road that aims to stop the Coronavirus epidemic. Rottapharm Biotech, a Monza-based company specialized in research for the development of innovative drugs, in the past few hours has entered into an agreement with the biotechnological company Takis for “the development of the vaccine against Sars-CoV-2 infection, called Covid-eVax” .

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From Rottapharm they have already allocated € 3 million for a drug that has already been tested on animals and has given very encouraging results. “The results of the administration of the vaccine in the experimental animal have shown a strong immune response that neutralizes the virus, blocking its replication in the cells – underline by the companies -. The development program now includes the completion of laboratory studies and the production of first quantity of the vaccine, already started to arrive at the first clinical study in the autumn “.