Infections and deaths on Friday 5 June 2020


Two days after the start of the new phase to face the coronavirus, on Friday 5 June, it is hoped that the contagion curve will continue to decrease. On Thursday 4th, the new official cases in the Lombardy Region had been only +84. However, a number strongly influenced by the low amount of actual buffers, 3,410. So much so that the ratio between the positive cases and the tampons administered (which is lower is better) had risen to 2.5%.

Overall, the number of coronavirus positive people in Lombardy, until Thursday, was 20,224, 89,526 since the start of the pandemic. 16.201 the victims.

The statistics confirm the coronavirus ‘massacre’

In Milan there were more deaths than the average in March and April. It is not an impression, the data released by Istat in the report published Thursday 4 June.

In the city of Milan alone, an increase in deaths of 78.5% was recorded in March (compared to 2015-2019). In April (always with the same three-year period of reference) deaths increased by just under 92%.

Widening the focus on the Metropolitan City, the increase in deaths is substantial: in March they grew by almost 95% while in April they grew by 98.1%.

“The most important decrease in terms of deaths and percentage variation is observed in Lombardy – reads the document -, the deaths for the total number of cases decrease from 24,893 in March to 16,190 in April 2020 and the excess of deaths compared to the average in the same months of the period 2015-2019 it drops from 188.1% to 107.5%. The provinces most affected by the epidemic are the ones in which the most significant reductions are observed. Bergamo and Lodi are the areas in which the drop in the mortality was more pronounced, the excess mortality dropped from 571% in March to 123% in April in Bergamo and from 377% to 79.9% in Lodi “.