Immuni – Lets take a look inside the app


Essential contents, simple and intuitive graphics: this is how the application launched to monitor the spread of the coronavirus works

What Immuni looks like – There is also an invitation to pay attention to false communications and to every message that appears to be coming from Immuni. Then, once the configuration is complete, you are actually inside the app.

The home screen is simple and essential. At the head is the invitation to periodically open Immuni to check its status and below there is a box that communicates that the service is active. Then there is a clickable box where you can remember how to protect yourself from the virus, containing all the security information.

How does it work – Last element is a box with instructions on how the app works. Here it is explained that Immuni associates each phone with a random code, which changes several times an hour and does not contain information about the device or the owner. The phones that meet, we read, exchange their respective random codes via ‘Bluetooth low energy’, which should therefore limit the consumption of the battery.

The positive results, read in the information on the operation of the app, choose whether to share their random codes transmitted in the previous days so as to make them available to other users. At that point, each phone checks whether it has previously encountered one or more of the shared codes. In the event of a positive response, the user is warned.

In the settings section there is the function for ‘Loading data’, which requires the assistance of an authorized healthcare professional. Finally, there are other functions, including the one to change the province and the one to leave a review, in addition to the terms of use and the privacy policy.