Il Cacciatore 2, third episode of the Rai Uno fiction “Il Cacciatore” 2

The hunter 2 advances of the third episode. Tonight a new appointment with Il Cacciatore 2 broadcast on Rai 2. This evening, March 4, is the third episode of Raiuno’s fiction. The series is taken from the book by Alfonso Sabella which tells the hunt for Giovanni Brusca by a prosecutor. After the postponement on Friday of last week, the third appointment with the series “The hunter 2” returns on Wednesday 4 March at 9.20 pm.

Two more episodes of the TV series aired tonight Francesco Montanari. In the first, “I never left”, the hunt for Brusca (Edoardo Pesce) begins to bring the first results, such as the arrest of Salvatore Cucuzza, cashier and administrator of the drug trafficking empire run by the boss.

The hunter 2, advances third episode

In his lair, the agents find an agenda, full of information to decipher, and which lead investigators to have new useful but encrypted information. Brusca, however, is not watching, and puts in place a series of moves to try to make the blame of his actions fall on Provenzano (Marcello Mazzarella) ed Aglieri (Gaetano Bruno). To do this he needs the help of Enzo (Alessio Praticò), who then begins to plagiarize, until he is removed from Mary (Veronica Lucchesi).

Deciphering Cucuzza’s agenda is not easy, but once the puzzle is solved, investigators find a mine of clues that lead them very close to their goal. They are unaware of the fact that Brusca is planning a series of countermeasures aimed at misleading their investigations. The intention is to bring the crimes of his crimes back to Aglieri and Provenzano.

IS’ Mazza (Francesco Foti) to find the missing piece to locate Brusca. This discovery gives him a charge to rethink his decision to resign and pushes him to say to Saverio (Montanari) e Jade (Miriam Dalmazio) to face their feelings.

Second episode third episode

The hunter 2, the advances of the third episode. In the second episode, “Nineteen and fifty”, the hunt is at the final stages, but Brusca and Enzo have designed a series of false tracks that, even in the event of arrest, should guarantee them freedom. Just Enzo, meanwhile, finds himself at a crossroads imposed by his brother: to tell the truth to Mary and invite her to go on the run, or let her go. Saverio too has to decide what to do with Giada: a situation complicated by the presence of Francesca (Francesca Inaudi), who seems to be more in tune with the protagonist.

At the moment of the blitz everything seems to be going well, but Saverio, Carlo and the rest of the team don’t know that the boss has yet to drop his trump card, which could upset everything.