HP Omen 15, the new gaming laptop with AMD or Intel CPU


HP apparently he decided to add a new arrow to his bow, apparently an arrow in high definition and super performing, we are talking about his new HP Omen 15, a laptop with top performance implemented to allow you to always play at the maximum possible.

The handset is available in various configurations, allowing you to choose between various CPUs and GPUs and to also vary the specifications of the display mounted on board, let’s see the details.

Specifications to satisfy everyone

The new gaming laptop will offer several configurations and not a few, in fact HP has made examples without however showing them all, since they are really many.

The only common denominator will be the presence of a new cooling system called OMEN Tempest Cooling, consisting of 3 slots (two at the rear and one at the front) and two fans with larger fluid-dynamic bearings, which will thus allow a 62% greater air flow than the previous design.

Another common factor will be the ease of expansion, in fact according to what HP has declared, access to SSD and RAM will be guaranteed by a single shared panel.

Returning to the purely performance specifications, on the CPU and Intel front we will find for example a Core i5-10300H, combinable with one GTX 1650, or switching to AMD we would find one CPU Ryzen 5 4600H, also supported by the same GPU.

Obviously these are just some of the possible configurations, in fact you can also choose between much more powerful configurations, for example with GPU RTX 2070 Super Max-Q.

Even the monitor will be articulated in various configurations, starting from an OLED monitor FullHD at 120Hz up to 4K at 300Hz.

As for the price instead, of course it will vary together with the variation of the configuration, the starting base corresponds to 999.99 dollars.