Everything around us can help young children and indeed even when they are a few months old, begin to use their senses. But how can they learn to recognize them? There are several ideas to turn to in order to explain the five senses to children, so we see them below.

How to teach the senses to young children

Touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing are the five senses, and although children begin to develop them already inside the mother’s womb and then when they are born, they may still not know what they are or what they are for.

The sense organs communicate and send inputs to the brain that transforms them into sensations that put us in contact with the environment. This is the way of understanding what the senses are, but this is an explanation that a child of two or three years of age cannot understand, so How to explain the 5 senses to children?

With a song

We can start with a song to learn the terms of each of the senses and for children to learn to locate them with respect to their body.

With drawings

Another way to turn to explain the five senses to young children is resort to drawing the tongue, an ear, an eye, a nose and a hand with the same children so that they can identify each of the senses.

In this way, by drawing each part of the body we will have a help to use the individual senses that we can also relate to an object that we have on hand. For example, to the drawing of the tongue we can bring an ice cream to taste, to the drawing of the ear we can bring a bell to listen, to the drawing of the eye we can bring it to the television so that the children understand that it is with the eyes that we can see. Finally we can bring a flower for the sense of smell and draw or bring a cactus to the hand drawing.

With a story

A good idea for young children to learn (and understand) the five senses may also be take advantage of two characters from a story or a children’s book to draw and color. Once the characters are made of cardboard, children can color them with their colors. Finally, you just have to paste them on a larger poster and create a series of tabs under which to write the terms and thanks to which they can discover the five senses.

Thus, we will accustom children to relate the sense organs and sensations.