How to hide old and embarrassing posts on facebook


Facebook announced the arrival of an improvement for the tool “Manage Activities” which allows users to easily hide older or reputed embarrassing posts.

The new function, in fact, allows you to insert posts in an archive special. In this way they cannot be seen by others, despite being present on the platform. At the moment it is already possible to limit the possibility of seeing older posts, or to hide them. However, until recently it was not possible to archive them, so remove them directly without deleting them permanently.

On Facebook you can now archive posts, especially old ones or those that embarrass us

It is aimed at people who have been using the platform for some time and who therefore may have a number of old posts on their account that they no longer wish to have or see, said Facebook. Rather than forcing people to remove those posts, the new feature allows as mentioned before archiving them. Facebook has now more than 15 years old, which means that many profiles are likely to have photos and states of people that were published years ago and that it isn’t always nice to see them again.

Among the “victims” of this feature of the platform are politicians. It often happens that some political figures are questioned for opinions expressed years before. The new functionality also includes tools that allow you to filter the list of archived posts per person or per date range. It will be possible to search and cure these posts in a more meticulous way. The company declares that in the future there will be other similar tools, for now the tool is present for iOS, Android and also for the Lite version.