How old was jesus when he died? Fact here


A team of researchers, including historians, astronomers and even geologists, have determined the exact date of Jesus’ death.

According to their study, published in the International Geology Review, Jesus died on Friday, April 3, the year 33, our age, the date on which there was an earthquake mentioned in the Bible.

The researchers started by analyzing the seismic activity in the Dead Sea area, which is 20 kilometers from Jerusalem. In the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 27, he writes that when Jesus lay dead on the cross, an earthquake occurred, which darkened the heavens.

Based on this information, the researchers analyzed geological and astronomical data to find the most likely date for Jesus’ death.

geologist Jefferson Williams, from Supersonic Geophysical, and his colleagues from the German Center for Geosciences, studied soil samples on Ein Gedi beach. Traces of two earthquakes were detected in the deeper layers of the ground.

It is known that an earthquake occurred in the year 31 BC and another in the period 26-36 AD. Williams explained that the latter took place “in the years when Pilate of Pontus was ruler of Judea“.

Williams also said that until now the day and month in which the crucifixion took place were known approximately, but the year has been questioned over time. But putting all the clues together, Williams says it was determined exactly the year.

Researchers say that biblical clues, combined with the Jewish calendar and astronomical data, show that Friday, April 3, 33 CE, is the most likely date of Jesus’ death.