The O.C Here Are All The Characters In The Series


The O.C. come back on TV! The cult TV series starring the four Californian friends Seth, Ryan, Marissa and Summer returns to the top Italy 1 from Thursday 23 April at 19.00 with two episodes every evening. At the end of the first season (scheduled for May 5), the four friends of Newport Beach will return to the same evening A5 to continue with the remaining three seasons produced on Tuesday in the early evening.

All the characters in the TV series

Sandy Cohen

Played by Peter Gallagher, an idealistic public defender who takes Ryan Atwood in the pilot episode, much to the dismay of his wife, Kirsten. He is the husband of Kirsten, the father of Seth Cohen, and the legal guardian of Ryan Atwood. Even though he lives in a large upper-class home, his politics are leftist and open-minded, causing friction between him and the community. Peter Gallagher described the character as a “leftie Jewish boy from the Bronx”. Sandy deals with many conflicts throughout the series, such as trying to get accepted by his father-in-law while being financially supported by his wife, and raising two teenagers in a (sometimes) corrupt environment.

Kirsten Cohen

Played by Kelly Rowan, she is the wife of Sandy Cohen, the mother of Seth, Ryan’s adoptive mother, and the former financial director of his father (Caleb Nichol) real estate company, the Newport Group. Before she met Sandy she dated and grew up with Jimmy Cooper father of Marissa Cooper, with whom she remains friends. Kirsten was very suspicious of Sandy’s decision to take Ryan to his home in the pilot episode, but in the third episode, she and Seth take Ryan back home after being beaten in the juvenile detention center.

By the end of the episode, Ryan’s biological mother, Dawn Atwood, asks Kirsten to adopt Ryan, imagining he is better off in Newport than going back to Chino. She had problems with alcohol, which was triggered by the lack of deterioration in the relationship between her and her father, and had an early abortion in her life, which belonged to Jimmy. Kirsten continues to open a dating service with Julie, and become a mother of two at the end of politics and the fourth season.The lifestyle character is conservative, a contrast to her husband. Kelly Rowan described the character as apparently more “together” than she was during an interview.

Ryan Atwood

Played by Benjamin McKenzie, a troubled teenager from Chino who is brought to the privileged community of Newport Beach, California after his mother, Dawn Atwood, throws him out of their family home. Ryan is later taken in by his office defender, Sandy Cohen. He forms fast ties with the whole Cohen family, especially Sandy’s son Seth, as well as extreme attached girl next door, Marissa Cooper. Ryan slowly finds himself a place within his new materialistic society, and makes the most of his situation, not only his maturity, but also to continue his studies at university.

Casting director Patrick Rush found Ryan Atwood’s role particularly difficult to cast and only invited Benjamin McKenzie to audition after Fox had made the young actor aware of it, after his unsuccessful audition for a UPN sitcom. Rush said, “When Benjamin [McKenzie] he entered, he was not physically what Josh had imagined, but he inhabited the character unlike someone we had seen. I think Ryan’s character is a boy who always seems a bit lost and has a sense of mystery and danger; Benjamin has all these qualities. ” Chad Michael Murray was initially offered the role of Ryan Atwood, but declined for the main role of Lucas Scott on One Tree Hill .

Marissa Cooper

Played by Mischa Barton, throughout the series Marissa is often struggling with drugs and alcohol, including almost killing herself on a trip to Mexico with her friends .. Marissa’s relationships with her parents, boyfriends and classmates they are often tumultuous. She is Summer and Ryan’s best friend of on and off love interest. Marissa is portrayed as a “spoiled child who adapts to being poor”.

The casting director referred to Marissa as “a girl stuck in trappings of her life who seemed older than her real age.” Mischa Barton left the series at the end of the third season, when her character was later canceled from being killed in a traffic accident. Commenting on his departure, Barton said, “My character has lived like this for so long and there really is nothing more sinister about his work.”

Seth Cohen

Played by Adam and Brody, Sandy and Kirsten Cohen’s clumsy teenage son. He is known for his quick jokes, comic book charm and pop culture references. He is also the love interest of Summer Roberts, who has had a crush on third grade. Seth has been called a “Jewish nerd in dark emo bands”, who “starts dating a beautiful, popular virgin.” The New York Times characterized Seth as “eccentric and literate, Seth professes real Wanderlust (…) print materials from the show claim that he is an existential hero along the lines of Holden Caulfield.” Adam Brody of Seth’s portrait was well received and is considered one of the overall highlights of the series.

Summer Roberts

Played by Rachel Bilson, summer is, during the first few episodes, depicted as a superficial, materialistic gossip that is ditzy and can have an occasional bitchy nature. Spoiled by her divorced father, she considers him her best friend, and her opinion matters as much, if not more than hers. Estate was unusual in combining the qualities of a conventionally attractive and desirable character with a hairless tough on the tongue, attitude, “take-charge”.

She is portrayed as highly sexualized and initially seems stupid; after that he undergoes a sort of transformation and becomes much more intelligent and worried about environmental issues, a change perhaps due to his relationship with the geek Seth Cohen. Initially summer was intended only as a small supporting character, only there as a fantasy object for Seth and a friend for Marissa Cooper, while Ryan Atwood and Marissa were the starring couple. However, due to Bilson’s performance, Estate became an increasingly important character.

Luca Ward

Played by Chris Carmack, first boyfriend Marissa and regular cast member for most of the first season. Luca is initially the main antagonist of the series, coining the famous series “Welcome to the OC, bitch!” line during a fight with Ryan in the first episode. However, he then becomes the main “comic punching bag” for the other characters. Josh Schwartz characterized post-Luke as “strumming a guitar to be a goofball.”

Jimmy Cooper

Played by Tate Donovan, Marissa and Kaitlin’s father (and ex-husband of Julie). He gets into trouble through embezzlement and faces the consequences of his actions and his effect on his reputation and personal life. After his divorce from Julie, he pursues Hayley Nichol, Kirsten’s younger sister, who eventually leaves him to promote his fashion career in Japan.

He was a regular cast member for season 1 and the beginning of season 2. Jimmy’s character made a brief appearance of season 3, but was quickly left when Jimmy was forced to leave town on the morning of his wedding to Julie, because of money problems. An interviewer characterized Jimmy as a “lovable defaulting father”. Josh Schwartz referred to the character as a “cat” in the DVD comments. The character is portrayed as frivolous and perpetually in financial debt, despite the warm relationships with his daughters. The character is ranked eighth from Entertainment Weekly on a list of the worst dads in television history.

Julie Cooper

Played by Melinda Clarke, the mother of Kaitlin Cooper and Marissa Cooper. At the beginning of the show, you are married to financial planner Jimmy Cooper. She is often characterized as sneaky, selfish, and shallow. However, he reveals a more vulnerable and empathetic part of himself a number of times during the series. Melinda Clarke summed up her character as “Clearly just like a money whore to dig. For me, it’s so much fun now to see The Real Housewives in Orange County, because you realize that it exists and that’s what Julie was. Julie was obviously the original housewife. “

Melinda went on to praise the “incredible arc” character, saying that Julie started out as “this woman who was so superficial, but obviously it’s not just one dimension, she is multi-dimensional. Starting in her pink Juicy suit and then eventually she graduated from college and move on with her life. she is a survivor. ”

Caleb Nichol

Played by Alan Dale, businessman father of Kirsten and later husband of Julie Cooper. His character repeats throughout the first season, and he becomes a regular during the second season, but suddenly stops when his character suffers from a fatal heart attack during the season 2 finale. The Chicago Tribune characterized Caleb as a “Grumpy, Uncompromising Newport Beach, California. Real Estate Developer.” When asked by the Tribune about the character, Dale said, “The great thing about this character is that there is so much to do with him. Her relationships are so complicated, and once the wedding happened, everyone was tied up in the show. This means he has all these people to relate to, and he refers so badly to everyone. ”

Taylor Townsend

Played by Autumn Reeser, introduced in season 3 as a neurotic perfectionist student. The initial personality of his character was presented to by many critics as being similar to the Tracy Flick character from the film elections . Taylor begins the series as a recurring villain before becoming the second female lead in the fourth season. Autumn Reeser’s performance was critically acclaimed.

She reflected on the character during an interview in 2010, saying: “I feel like there are a lot of girls out there who could really relate to her, who hadn’t seen each other on TV this way. I liked that about her. I loved that she made no apology for what she was, even though she wasn’t what all the magazines said was OK. it was like, “they are still valid. and I’m awesome. and I know I’m strange, and that’s OK. “

Kaitlin Cooper

Played by Willa Holland in seasons 3 and 4, the role of Kaitlin Cooper originated from Shailene Woodley on a recurring basis during season 1. Kaitlin spends much of the series in college before returning on a recurring basis in season 3 (now played by Netherlands) and finally become a regular character in season 4. Jimmy Cooper and Julie Cooper-Nichol’s daughter and sister of Marissa Cooper.

Her personality is more like that of her mother than of her father, and she is portrayed as a regular pot smoker and occasional dealer. Holland noted that “nobody can control his” but that his bow in Season 4 finds the maturing character. Asked about any disappointment with the recast, Shailene Woodley replied that, “I was 11 years old and I was about as a guest, recurring character, or whatever. My character went to boarding school and when they decided to bring her back, she actually re-auditioned me to bring her back.

But I didn’t go through puberty until late … [ride]. ” In the series, Willa Holland’s character dates a character played by popular music star Chris Brown in the show’s fourth season.