Hackers and K-pop fans: Anonymous’s unexpected activism

The group of anonymous activists, Anonymous, and fans of the K-Pop, a genre of music that has become very popular in recent years, have joined the protests for themurder of George Floyd.

Anonymous has become a group known over the past decade for its online hacktivism and protests against the Church, Scientology, PayPal, and much more. In recent years their online activity has declined. Over the past week, however, the hacker group has returned, gaining acclaim on all social platforms. The revival of Anonymous is partly due to the support that activists have shown for the protests against racial inequality and police brutality that killed George Floyd and many others like him.

Anonymous and K-Pop fans team up to protest racism

Anonymous’s return seems to have been thanks to his new supporters, in particular fans of Korean pop music, so-called K-pop, but also other often criticized fandoms, such as fans of pop singer Taylor Swift, or fans of anime. Without a doubt these fandoms have shown everyone that they too have a voice that deserves to be heard. The influx of support from K-Pop fans was particularly noticeable by one of the hacker’s group’s most high-profile accounts, who supported the new and unexpected alliance. “Anoymous stan of all KPop fan allies! a post tweeted by the @YourAnonNews account, in which the group of activists expressed their appreciation for what happened above all on Twitter.

K-Pop fans have showered and spammed racist hashtags in trend with videos about their pop darlings, to dominate all the racist comments that were spreading on the platform. “Thanks kpop stans !!!” Anonymous publicly announced. Other fandoms have followed their example and now these reprehensible hashtags are flooded with harmless content about singers and souls. K-Pop fans have also started other online activism projects. Among them the closing a controversial app sponsored by the police of some districts in America, which has become unusable because it is full of videos on K-pop.