Google Account, improves support for FIDO2 authentication keys on iOS

Improve the security of Google accounts on iOS: with the release of version 13.3, Apple’s operating system has added support for physical security keys (FIDO2 standard) for two-factor authentication, connectable via USB-C, NFC or Lightning, and now the Google account can also benefit.

Previously, Google’s support for hardware authentication keys on iOS was limited: it only worked with those Titans, produced by Google itself, which used Bluetooth, and required the installation of the dedicated Smart Lock app. Since support for FIDO2 keys is now integrated directly into the operating system, the user experience is simpler and also improves versatility.

iOS 13.3 arrived last December: two months later, Apple joined the FIDO Alliance as a protagonist. The FIDO Alliance is a consortium which now includes all the major companies in the sector, such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Arm, Intel, Samsung and Qualcomm, whose ultimate goal is finally say goodbye to passwords in favor of safer systems, such as biometric and two-factor authentication, and with greater respect for privacy. The password is in fact transmitted to the server which has the task of verifying it, while with the FIDO system authentication takes place directly on the client device of the user: only the confirmation that the authentication has been successfully performed is transmitted.