From Belen and Stefano to Serena and Pago: here are the couples that broke out because of the quarantine


The recent one quarantine has thrown into crisis several pairs of famous people. The cohabitation h24 between the domestic walls, without the possibility of amusement or even less escapes in case of quarrels, has severely tested the stability of many VIP couples who, in the end, broke out. From actress Michela Quattrociocche to Belen Rodriguez to Serena Enardu there are many women in the show who have put an end to weddings and relationships.

All the fault of the coronavirus lockdown, which forced everyone to clash with their limits and to reflect on the future between decision and second thoughts. If, due to the pandemic, many famous people have been forced to postpone the wedding scheduled for 2020 (see Simona Ventura and Giorgia Palmas), as many well-known faces have decided to end weddings and relationships now worn out. The first couple to burst into quarantine was the one formed by the actress Michela Quattrociocche and by the footballer Alberto Aquilani. The two, who together have two daughters, had been married since 2012 but like a bolt from the blue, the day after the end of the quarantine (last May 5), the beautiful actress has entrusted the official release of the separation to social networks . In the note, Quattrociocche explained that she had to make a “painful but inevitable choice”, confirming the farewell – albeit by mutual agreement – to the player.

A week later came the farewell announcement between another couple from the show, the one formed by the singer I pay and the former tronista Serena Enardu. Their tormented love story has gone through more than one program, then finding the tragic end. After breaking a Temptation Island and the rapprochement to Big Brother, the couple seemed to have found feeling and harmony, but something during the quarantine seems to have gone wrong, making them separate for the umpteenth time. However, theirs was not a consensual separation: between Serena and Pago, in the last few days, rags have been worth and if on the one hand the singer confessed that he had not digested the betrayal, on the other Enardu spoke of falsehood.

The couple who broke up that makes more discussion at the moment, however, is the one formed by Belen Rodriguez is Stefano De Martino. Rumors and rumors about their break have been circulating persistently for days. Gossip magazines publish photos and exclusives and they, on social networks, do not deny and let fans and followers take sides of one or the other. What happened is not yet clear but the pain and suffering, which the Argentine showgirl showed in a recent Instagram video, confirmed the couple’s crisis. De Martino has returned to Naples and now Belen takes refuge in the arms of friends and relatives to overcome the pain.

The last couple that appears increasingly in crisis, but that seems not to have broken out yet, is the one made up of Alessia Marcuzzi and the producer Paolo Calabresi. To launch the first indiscretion about the break between the two was Dagospia in recent days, but some videos published by the presenter on social media (showing Calabresi on the sofa at home with little Mia) have denied the rumors. However, judging from the photos shared by Marcuzzi of the last weekend spent in Ponza with her friends and new voices, her husband would no longer live under the same roof as the presenter. A rather ambiguous signal.