France blocks the border with Italy: kilometric queues

The situation that has been going on for a few days on the Italian-French border of Ponte San Ludovico, in Ventimiglia, is exhausting for the queues kilometers that are formed in the direction of France and which penalize especially the cross-border commuters mainly in the Principality of Monaco. Today, the day when Italy has reopened its doors to France, it has really hit bottom. Since dawn, in fact, there are hundreds of scooters, vans and cars, queuing to cross the border, where the French authorities are carrying out carpet checks on self-certifications. In fact, we will have to wait until June 15, before the French open their doors to us Italians.

In the meantime, they are “pains” and there are those who, like the secretary of the Intemelii (Fai) Frontalieri Autoni, Roberto Parodi, talk about “retaliation by France. “” The borders are practically closed with carpet checks that require at least three minutes each – he says -. The result is that you have formed six kilometers of the tail, so much the distance between the center of Ventimiglia from the border. “The question that arises is why this retaliation?” We do not know whether it is a trade issue or anything, but up to yesterday they were in the Principality of Monaco and I was able to speak with some French people, they were all happy to be able to come to Italy “.

Perhaps it is true that “it is a sin to think badly, but it is almost always right” and the reason for this fury, According to some, it may lie in the fact that today thousands of French have started to come to Italy to buy cigarettes, liquor and groceries, much cheaper price. And just take a look at the first tobacconist-bottle shop after the border of Ponte San Ludovico (whose signs are in French) to realize the queue. The situation on the border only broke up around 11, after Parodi contacted the Italian consul in Nice, asking to contact the Prefecture of the Maritime Alps.

The case was also addressed by the Honorable Giorgio Mulè: “The day of return to normal has already turned into a nightmare for those who must arrive in France from the Ventimiglia border. In the only open passage, that of the San Ludovico bridge, the authorities with the end of the lockdown, the French have raised a real wall against the Italians: to cross the border it takes even more than three hours since the Gendarmerie check one by one all those who want to cross the border. “Even for Mulè, without going into too much detail:” This is a measure with a vague retaliatory flavor put in place by France: immediate government intervention is required and in particular of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to bring the situation back to normal “.