Two and a half kilos of hashish, cocaine and Mdma. State police arrested a 28-year-old boy, M.V., in Milan on Thursday for detention for drug dealing. During a service for the prevention and repression of drug dealing and drug use in the Corvetto district. To note the young man were the agents of the investigative team of the Scalo Romana Commissariat, while passing through Viale Lucania. He was riding an electric scooter and, at the sight of the steering wheel, immediately brought a hand up to the waistband of the trousers with the clear intention of concealing something.

The escape by scooter and the pursuit

The policemen decided to check on the young man who, in response, ignoring the alt, fled to Piazza Bologna along Viale Lucania. A policeman got out of the car immediately to chase the fugitive on foot. After several changes of direction on the escape route, the young man was joined by the other agents who chased him by car in via Scheiwiller. From a summary check, the boy was found holding a pack of cigarettes containing two grams of hashish and a bunch of keys.

Contradicting himself several times, the 28-year-old told the policemen in via Chopin that those were the keys to his home in the Pavia area. Doubting what was reported, the agents returned to Viale Lucania where he had fled and, thanks to the bunch of keys found in his possession, they managed to open the door of an apartment building and, then, the apartment on the sixth. floor of the same.