Fortnite: new Skin Icon Series coming soon, that’s when it will come out

Fortnite, the very successful Epic Games title has repeatedly shown that it wants to embrace its community of fans with new initiatives. The Skin Icon Series instead, they gave the opportunity to the most popular web content creators to find themselves directly within the game. An example was the Skin dedicated to Ninja, and according to Epic, one will be added to this series shortly new Skin.

This time it’s up to Loserfruit, the well-known content creator that has gained considerable popularity thanks to Fortnite. According to Epic’s original plans, the new Icon Series skin would have had to come out close to Season 3, but given the latest events caused by the protests taking place in the United States, the company decided to postpone everything for a few days.

The Skin dedicated to Loserfruit therefore will be released on June 16th, one day before Season 3 makes its debut within Fortnite and one day after the event The Device. It will be three days of fire for the players of the Epic Games title, a real tour de force that will open the doors to various changes within the free to play title.

In the meantime, while we await the arrival of new content and updates, another well-known streamer wanted to express himself regarding the turn that Fortnite is taking. In fact, Ninja is looking forward to the third season to see what Epic Games has in store. What do you think of the changes that are about to be introduced in Fortnite?