Fake news about the coronavirus, Whatsapp limits the “chains”


The instant messaging system arranges for the forwarding of dubious information to chats at a time: “More space for private conversations”

The news – “All WhatsApp messages and calls are protected by default from end-to-end encryption, – it is specified in the official note, – able to guarantee maximum security for private conversations. In 2019 we presented the function that allows you to recognize the messages that have been forwarded many times. This is a label with a double arrow, which distinguishes messages of dubious origin. these messages can only be forwarded to one chat at a time“.

The fight against fake news continues – “WhatsApp – it is still read on the blog – was conceived as a private messaging tool and over the years we have taken several measures that have helped protect the private nature of our users’ conversations. When, for example, we have imposed limits to the forwarding function to contain the propagation of viral content, the number of messages forwarded globally has dropped by 25%. Obviously, not all forwarded messages contain false news or contribute to disinformation. Many users forward useful information, funny videos, memes or reflections that they find significant. ”

Recently, WhatsApp – has continued the post – has also been used to organize events in support of health workers engaged in the front line. However, we have found a significant increase in the amount of messages forwarded. Many users have reported that they are annoyed by these messages and fearing that they may contribute to the spread of fake news. We therefore believe it is important to slow down the propagation of these messages to keep WhatsApp a place dedicated to private conversations “.

“We are also collaborating directly with NGOs and government agencies, including the World Health Organization and over 20 ministries of health – it is the conclusion – for help provide reliable information to the population“.

“These bodies and organizations – it is specified – have sent hundreds of thousands of messages via WhatsApp to users who have requested information and advice. We believe that now more than ever there is a need to be able to communicate privately