Eva Longoria: Extreme Wellness at the circus school

When Vogue launched the challenge Extreme Wellness, Eva Longoria bravely picked it up. It is obvious if you consider that in high school she was a cheerleader and gymnastics was one of her hobbies.

“I usually do weight exercises and some yoga to train … but today, for Extreme Wellness, I want to try something a little more adventurous: circus training. “

“I used to flick backwards on the football field. But it was, like, 25 years ago “

Eva Longoria explains before making one with the support of a sort of huge rubber barrel in the last episode of the show. Eva, evidently, has not forgotten how to do it.

For his dive into the world of Extreme Wellness, watch Eva spend a day at the circus school with the professionals, trying out the latest fitness trend, a deviation from her usual yoga and weight-training exercise.

“I’ll try something a little more adventurous,”

She says it at the beginning and is immediately involved in the atmosphere of fun and play that accompanies the circus training.

Under the pretext of mastering all circus practices, from somersaults on the trapeze to dexterity games to aerial acrobatic arts, circus training makes the whole body work, from head to toe. Exercising requires strength and flexibility to perfect the numbers and for this reason the course has been very successful among fitness lovers.

“They must have very strong abs … and strong arms … and legs!”

Eva says so, impressed by the ability of her circus coaches.

At the end of her Big Top intensive course, the 45-year-old star learned the art of play as training thanks to the somersaults, jumps and pirouettes of the circus school.

“You have to look at things with the eyes of when you were a child.”