Epic Games Store: free game of June 4th available, here is the download link

As usual, Thursday afternoon is the time when Epic Games Store releases the new free game of the week. During this period, the American company pressed hard on the accelerator, giving three very important games such as: GTA 5, Civilization 6 and Borderlands The Handsome Colelction. The fourth title of this quartet is no different either; let’s talk about overcooked, obtainable at this link.

The party game developed by Ghost Town Games is one of the most successful games of its kind in recent years, and is now returning for free for the second time within the Epic Games Store. The crazy title puts more players in the role of strange cooks with funny and caricatured features. To deliver each dish it will be a real battle to be fought between crazy maps and constant clashes with your cooking companions.

Again, like the past few weeks, Epic Games has decided to don’t tell us right away what the free game will be released next Thursday. This time more, it will be even more difficult to try to understand what the mysterious title will be, given that the leak correctly predicted only three of the four games released; at this point we don’t really know what to expect next week.

This also ends the announcement of the week regarding the free game released on the Epic Games Store. We just have to wait 7 days to add yet another game at zero cost to our virtual library. What do you think of the last gift made by Epic Games? Will you try Overcooked?

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