EARTHQUAKE for Tim, Vodafone and Wind Tre: cloned SIMs arrive

There are many in the world technology experts who use current innovation to deceive consumers and steal personal data for different purposes. A large number of consumers find themselves once again victims of scam because some hackers have found a much faster and more reliable loophole for clone phone cards customers TIM, Vodafone is Wind Tre.

The Postal Police also decided to warn consumers because many met at any moment with their SIM phone not working. After careful research, here is the new method developed by some cyber criminals.

Cloned SIM cards: the risk is high especially for Tim, Vodafone and Wind Tre customers

The method used by hackers consists in identifying the victims and seeking more personal information also with the help of the various social platforms that most users use. Once the basic information has been identified (name, surname, address, date of birth, etc.) the hackers proceed with one complaint for the loss of the telephone card on behalf of their victims.

A procedure that requires, precisely, the victim’s personal data mainly because they are necessary to send one new phone card without losing any type of data stored on the previous one. By entering the address, the hacker directly receives the new phone card and the one previously automatically becomes obsolete.

This last step, in fact, could be very important to identify a probable one hacker attack. It is very important not to underestimate this type of alarm bells because cloning phone cards cyber criminals can carry out multiple operations such as, for example, requesting new credentials for access to home banking.