Doctors 3 on Rai 1

Tonight it will be broadcast on TV and on streaming the second episode of third season of the fiction dedicated to the most powerful Florentine family during the central years of the Renaissance.

This chapter is divided into eight episodes which will be broadcast in four episodes, on Monday and Tuesday evening on Rai 1, but which will also be available on streaming on RaiPlay.

There are new faces in the cast: Francesco Montanari, in the role of Girolamo Savonarola, Neri Marcorè, who will interpret Pope Innocent VIII, Giorgio Marchesi, in the role of Giacomo Spinelli, is Johnny Harris, What will be Bruno Bernardi.

The Medici 3: What happened in the first episode

Lorenzo he wants to avenge his brother, Julian, killed in the Conspiracy of the Madmen. The only survivor of the conspirators, the count Riariomeanwhile, try to detonate the conflict between Florence and Rome. In the meantime, the Florentine family learns of the existence of Giulio, illegitimate son of the deceased Doctors. A friar arrives in the city, Girolamo Savonarola. The Magnificent then decides to replace the priori with a group of men loyal to him, and thus the Council of Ten was born. The Kingdom of Naples, on the other hand, chooses to fight alongside the Pope. For this reason, Lorenzo reaches Naples to try to restore peace.

The Medici 3: The official plot of the second episode


Lorenzo has finally arrived in Naples with his adviser, and he encounters many difficulties in convincing the king Ferrante of Aragon to distance himself from the Pope. The Magnificent tries to win the king’s confidence, and he does so also with the help of the charming and wily Ippolita Sforza, with whom he has a rather complex relationship. Meanwhile, Florence is still under siege: everyone, including Clarice, have lost hope, convinced that Lorenzo have abandoned them. Finally, the Magnificent, endangering his own life, manages to get troops withdrawn.

How to watch streaming movies

It is possible to follow THE Doctors 3 also in streaming on the RaiPlay website. In addition, the episodes will be uploaded on the same platform after the broadcast and currently i are already available box set of the first two seasons along with extra content from the new one.

The Medici 3: the new faces

Francesco Montanari will play the role of the preacher Savonarola and will play an important role in the new episodes. Neri Marcorè will give the face to Pope Innocent VIII, successor of Pope Sixtus IV interpreted by John Lynch. TO Giorgio Marchesi the role of Giacomo Spinelli, new opponent of Lorenzo the Magnificent, was entrusted while Johnny Harris Bruno Bernardi will be his new director.