Covid tax at the table. Juice and cappuccino? Madness on the receipt

The reopening of the country following the long lockdown period caused by the Coronavirus emergency has brought serious consequences in the economic sphere, which can now also be found in an anomalous and disproportionate price growth. After finally receiving the go-ahead from the government, bars and restaurants, like many other businesses, were able to start again, however, facing numerous extra costs to ensure compliance with the anti-contagion rules.

Many have therefore responded with the increase in the prices of goods and services supplied by them, with the consequence that in many cities of Italy there have been significant increases.

Emblematic is the case reported today by a resident who says he stopped in a Cafe of Venice to consume a simple cappuccino and a juice. Once he got to pay the bill, he couldn’t believe his eyes. During a break from work, yesterday the man had gone to theIlly Coffee of the Royal Gardens, not far from Piazza San Marco. Since there is still a ban on gathering in order to avoid a resurgence of the virus, the same had not been able to take advantage of the possibility of consuming standing inside the bar, and had therefore been invited to reach the tables. “We wanted to drink standing but the staff invited us to sit down given the restrictions”, the worker tells the “Corriere”. “If these are the prices, only tourists will go”, comments bitterly. To confirm what has been said, the man also wanted to show him receipt: 9 euros the price of cappuccino consumed at the table, and 12 euros the juice, for a total of 21 euros. The costs would have been much lower if he had been able to drink the drinks while standing in front of the counter (3 euros for the cappuccino, 6 for the juice), but at that moment other people were already inside the restaurant. “But nobody told us that the prices had tripled. We would never have imagined paying more than twenty euros a year theft, adds the customer.

Luigi Giordani, secretary of the PSI of Venice, intervened on the episode, who defined the story as “a shame”. Regret, however, from the managers of Illy Caffè. “We are sorry for what happened, similar episodes must not happen. Maybe there was a moment of stress at the counter and the operators did not provide all the information that they should have given “, explained the retail director Alessandra de Gaetano. “For the prohibition of gatherings we cannot serve more than a certain number of customers at the counter, for the quota. Our prices are reported on the menus and aligned with those of the local neighbors in the area”, he precised. “We understand that for i Venetians these are unsustainable figures and for this reason we have activated an agreement with the gondoliers for lunch and we are preparing another with reduced prices for visitors to the Royal Gardens. In reality, this should have already been active but the health emergency forced us to close and slowed down everything “, he concluded.

“I do not go into the merits of the tariffs, however, it is always essential to advise people that the price at table differs from that of the counter. It affects the image of the city, for years we have tried to take off a bad name about it and now it is essential to always be clear and correct with customers “instead, said Claudio Vernier, president of the San Marco square association.

In any case, the controversy does not subside, especially because the place was originally designed with the aim of becoming a meeting point for the inhabitants of Venice rather than for tourists. “As a return to the city suggests, such high figures are certainly not for the residents, severely commented Lidia Fersuoch, vice president of Italia Nostra.