Covid-19, after more than 3 months reopens emergency room in Codogno (Lodi)

The emergency room of the Codogno hospital, province of Lodi, has reopened after a stop that lasted from the night between 20 and 21 February 2020. It is the location of “patient 1” of Covid-19 in Italy, Mattia Maestri, the first patient diagnosed with the new Coronavirus. It is therefore a place with a highly symbolic meaning.

The emergency room had been closed as a precaution, also because “patient 1” had already gone there a couple of days before the discovery of the virus in his body, and it was opportune to take the most drastic measure. As for the ten Municipalities of the Lodi area, Codogno in the lead, the first epicenter of the Lombard epidemic: the red zone is immediately decreed to avoid any contact with the outside.

The first day of reopening marked the entry of a suspected Covid patient, who was given a “dedicated” course without any contact with other patients. The buffer however gave a negative result, therefore it was a false alarm. Certainly positive, however, an elderly woman transferred from a social welfare residence. Also for her a path of isolation from all the other patients, since the entrance.

For all who access there is the measurement of temperature. A small step to start immediately on the right foot, this time. And in this area the symbolic recall of the visit that the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella wanted to make in Codogno on June 2 is still strong. “Codogno’s sacrifice was an example of high civic and moral sense,” said the president, paying tribute to the town and its residents, who welcomed him by greeting and applauding him in the hundreds in the main square. Addressed to the mayor Francesco Passerini, Mattarella said: «I am here to thank its citizens. For the dignity and seriousness with which they faced this terrible epidemic. Today we are here to pay homage to them, but also not to forget all those who lost their lives during the pandemic. Our duty now is to remember them. ”

The twin but opposite case of Alzano

The thought goes immediately to all the people who died of Covid-19 in this area, but, inevitably, also to the “almost twin” case of Alzano Lombardo, in the province of Bergamo, where the first case of this new virus occurred almost in the same time, Sunday 23 February.

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However, Alzano’s case was literally the opposite. After a first closure, in fact, the emergency room was reopened on the same day, and the red area in Val Seriana was never decreed. Two points on which the Regional Commission of Inquiry into the Coronavirus emergency will investigate, and on which the Orobic judiciary has already begun to investigate: the Governor Attilio Fontana, the Councilor for Welfare Giulio Gallera and the Director General of Welfare have already been heard Lombardy Region, Luigi Cajazzo. The latter reported to the magistrates that he had given the indication to immediately reopen the emergency room in Alzano after making sure that there were the sanitation and sanitation conditions to do so.