Coronavirus, one of two Chinese doctors who had woken up from the darker-skinned coma died: “Died from several brain hemorrhages”


Hu Weifeng is dead. It is one of two Chinese doctors from the Central Hospital in Wuhan hospitalized for COVID-19 in late January 2020. Hu Weifeng and Yi Fan suddenly became known worldwide because of those photos of their completely blackened faces during hospitalization hospital. We had already dealt with the story here by explaining that while on the cardiologist Yi some jokers had acted by increasing the gradation of dark brown on his face to create greater sensationalism, for the urologist Hu, however, the problem of the blackened face, as if he were an African American, it was a serious possibility due to liver reaction to antivirus treatments and that above all, the traces of him had been lost since at least March 25, 2020.

On April 20, Yi was being interviewed by a Chinese news show showing a face worn out by the disease but with the same pigmentation as before. Yi was finally discharged in good condition and without a black face on May 6th. The last fragment in which we see Dr. Hu alive is the sequence of late March in which he is greeted by a pool of doctors, even if the man is in a visibly critical condition. Finally, on June 2, the news of his death for the consequences arising from several brain hemorrhages.

Wu and Yi became national heroesso much that the Communist Youth League called them “angels who had fought with death” and many users of the Chinese social network Weibo underlined the torture that the two had to endure in those long months of hospitalization. According to what the BBChowever, on the Sina Weibo blog platform there are those who speak of “calculated sacrifice“By the hospital authorities of the Wuhan hospital where the two” black-faced “doctors worked.

Many Chinese users have wondered – as reported by the Guardian – because the hospital leaders were not punished, especially Cai Li, head of the Communist Party committee of the hospital in question. Finally, as everyone will remember, Hu and Yi had collaborated with the hero of this world pandemic chain: Dr. Li Wengliang. The ophthalmologist doctor who already issued the alarm in December 2019 but who was in early January punished by the Chinese authorities. He then returned to work, but in mid-January he contracted the disease from a patient hospitalized in his ward and died in the hospital on February 7.