Coronavirus in Brazil records death toll. Bolsonaro: “I’m sorry for them but we will all die”

The Americas are the new global hotbed of COVID-19. And after the United States who lives the most disastrous situation is the Brazil, which in the last 24 hours has recorded the record of 1,262 victims, bringing the number of deaths since the start of the pandemic to 31,199 with a total of 555,383 contagions. Data continues to rise but Bolsonaro, president Holocaust denier, conversing with some of his supporters in front of the presidential palace in Brasilia He said: “I’m sorry for the victims of Covid but we will all die. ” And to a supporter who asked him “a word of comfort”, he replied: “Have faith that we will change the Brazil“.

Meanwhile, the president has appointed Carlos Wizard, a millionaire linked to Mormons, in a key position of the ministry of Health: the entrepreneur will be responsible for the secretariat of science, technology and strategic supplies of the ministry, with the aim of encouraging the use of the chloroquine in the care of COVID-19, antimalarial on which even the WHO has suspended the trial.
“There are people who criticize chloroquine but there is no alternative, that’s what there is at the moment. There is good feedback and good doctors who defend its use, “said the head of state. Bolsonaro has already fired two health ministers – Luiz Henrique Mandetta is Nelson Teich – for opposing the use of drug or for expressing reservations about it. A general has taken office in their place, Eduardo Pazuello, which however is not doctor training.