Coronavirus heroes take to the streets, protesting the Pirellone

For months, national and regional administrators have called them heroes. They swore to him that without them it would have been tremendously more difficult during the most dramatic phase of the Coronavirus emergency. They promised him that things would change and soon. Now, however, those same heroes are tired. They are fed up with being heroes, because what they do – they say – is their job and it is what they would like to be recognized.

On Wednesday 10 June, Lombard nurses take to the streets of Milan for a flash mob organized by NurSind, the union of nursing professions, which in recent days has already set up similar demonstrations around Italy, from Turin to Florence via Ancona. and that is planning a busy calendar of events.

The appointment under the Madonnina is at 10 in Piazza Duca d’Aosta, with white coats that will meet – and it is no coincidence – right in front of the Pirellone. Their claims are few and simple, but very clear, summarized in the manifesto announcing the mobilization.

“Nusind Lombardia brings the nurses to the streets – we read – for the defense of our rights, for the redemption of the protection, for a separate negotiation” and to “say enough to medical malpractice”. The flash mob will also be an opportunity to “honor our dead”, those many “heroes” who have fallen fighting against the virus, doing their job.