cast, plot of Cacciatore 2 broadcast on Rai Due at 21:20


Wednesday 19th February, at 21.20 on Rai 2, Il Cacciatore 2, the new episodes of the second season of the crime fiction that will take inspiration from the autobiographical novel of the magistrate Alfonso Sabella The mafia hunter.

The protagonist is the Roman actor Francesco Montanari as the public prosecutor Saverio Barone, deputy prosecutor of the Palermo anti-mafia pool. The direction is by Davide Marengo. There will be 8 episodes in all, divided into 4 first evenings.

The events pick up exactly from where the first season ended. The terrifying epilogue of the kidnapping of little Giuseppe Di Matteo (dissolved in the acid by the Brusca brothers) drags Barone into a limbo of deep despair: a failure that becomes obsession, a lacerating pain and the awareness of having failed start the hunter’s merciless war against the dangerous “prey” of the Cosa Nostra. And the prey number one, in this second chapter, is Giovanni Brusca (played by Edoardo Pesce).

The hunter 2, the cast

In the cast, Montanari and Pesce, and then Miriam Dalmazio, Francesco Foti, Roberto Citran, Alessio Praticò, Marco Rossetti, Francesca Inaudi and Gaetano Bruno.

Hunter 2, the plot of the first episode

The title is Until we die. The episode opens on January 2, 1996. On the day of his wedding with Giada, Saverio received the address of the villa where Giovanni Brusca could hide from the repentant Tony Calvaruso. The information is a few months old and it is therefore essential to keep the villa under control to verify that the boss is actually in there. Without paying attention, however, because an imprudence could cost the life of little Giuseppe Di Matteo. Just in those days Giovanni Brusca is determined to solve once and for all his troubles with New Jersey drug traffickers. It is a pity that his brother Enzo, feeling excluded from the business that matters, begins to challenge him openly.

The hunter 2, the plot of the second episode

Is titled Resist. Saverio tries to remain lucid and concentrated despite the difficulties in hunting the Brusca. And to do so he needs the support of Giada: the PM is in fact determined not to leave his family behind, especially in those days of waiting and frustration. Meanwhile, in the office of the chief prosecutor Elia, Francesca Lagoglio appears, a declining police officer who however claims to have a solid track that can lead the investigators to Bernardo Provenzano. In his hiding place, Brusca feels the power that escapes from his hands: imprisoned together with his wife and son, he cannot deal with drug trafficking nor with his brother, who is gone, leaving him alone in hiding.