Call of Duty: here is the “Black Lives Matter” screen


Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone add the “Black Lives Matter” home screen. The two most recent Infinity Ward games greet players with a home screen that supports Black Lives Matter movement at the start of the game

To players who start Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone now you will be asked to download an update. With the update will bring up a new game home screen that supports Black Lives Matter movement. Let’s see the details.

Modern Warfare and Warzone: let’s see all the details on the Black Lives Matter support initiative

The screen, as reported by The Verge , contains a message for the Call of Duty gamer community that reads as follows:

Our community is hurting. The systemic inequalities that our community experiences are once again at the center of the stage. Call of Duty and Infinity Ward are synonymous with equality and inclusion. We are opposed to racism and injustice that our black community suffers. As long as there are no changes, we will never truly be the community in which we strive to be.

The screen will appear for all players when the game starts and as reported by The Verge it will also appear in the loading screens and in the transition from one mode to another. As is already known to many, the Call of Duty community is composed of players prone to racism and on this point Infinity Ward is uncompromising. Season 4 has been postponed following the murder of George Floyd and Infinity Ward has promised to fight in-game racism with improved countermeasures. Infinity Ward is one of several developers and publishers who have addressed current world events and promised support for Black Lives Matter.