Just a few days ago, Billie Eilish confirmed to her followers what everyone expected: she had a new theme. In an interview, the singer confessed that she had taken advantage of the weeks of confinement to compose a song in her brother’s studio and manager Finneas, and rumors said that this new song announced on July 25 could be that song.

The mystery has finally been unveiled at the hands of the singer herself. She has confirmed that ‘My Future‘, theme released last Thursday July 30, It is the song that he composed during confinement.

We wrote this at the beginning of the quarantine. It is a song that is really very personal and special to me. But now it has also acquired many new meanings and the context of what is happening in the world, “the 18-year-old singer wrote about the song in a letter to her followers. «I hope everyone can find a meaning.

There is no doubt that ‘My Future’ means a lot to Billie Eilish because the song reflects the intensity of her feelings and her personal growth, as she herself has affirmed. The letter Reflect on this process of introspection: I’m in love with my future, I can’t wait to meet her. I am in love, but not with anyone else. I just want to know myself” Says the song.

‘My Future’ is a piano ballad, far from the electronic pop that Eilish has accustomed us to, but which later evolves into R&B, funk and jazz rhythms. The interpreter of ‘bad guy’ has also presented the video clip, in which she appears as a cartoon as he wanders wistfully in the rain until he reaches a magical forest.

Billie Eilish is one of the youngest singers with the highest international recognition, and with only 18 years old she can already say that she has a career as successful as the most. 4 Grammys, guest star to the Oscars and millions of fans around the world. Without a doubt, she is a great star.