Benefits of Black Latte Coffee to Lose Weight

black latte coffee benefits

What if losing weight was as easy as drinking a cup of coffee?

With Black Latte, that should become a reality in 2019. At least according to the makers of this revolutionary slimming product that has been bought with record success since the end of 2018 as in other European countries.

Is Black Latte the answer for anyone looking to get slimmer? Are the pounds flying off so easily? What experiences and reviews are known about Black Latte? And where do you buy black latte at the best price?

These questions and more are addressed in this Black Latte review.


Black Latte is a weight loss supplement that comes in powder form. You can then mix this powder together with warm water, and then you have a cup of black latte.

The makers of Black Latte recommend drinking Black Latte every morning for a month. The taste of Black Latte is pleasant and resembles a combination of black coffee and a cafe latte.

Black Latte thus stimulates your body every day to release and burn stored fat. You will therefore gradually work towards a slimmer body. How does Black Latte do this, though? For that we take a look at the ingredients.


Black Latte is based on the combined action of four ingredients: activated charcoal (also known as activated charcoal), coconut milk, L-carnitine and omega-3. Each of these ingredients plays a very specific role in the process that forces your body to burn fat stores and prevents new pounds from gaining weight.


Black Latte’s first ingredient is l-carnitine. This amino acid is not unknown to many athletes. L-carnitine is naturally present in red meat and, in smaller amounts, in dairy products and avocado. It plays a fundamental role in the transport of fatty acids in the body, allowing them to be converted into energy instead of being stored as a fat reserve.

Fun fact for women: L-carnitine in particular excels at tackling stubborn belly fat, which in turn makes the waist much more visible. A study conducted in Japan showed a significant effect: test subjects who took l-carnitine for a month saw their average waist circumference decrease by 1.3 cm.


Black Latte’s second ingredient is activated carbon, which has been considered a powerful natural medicine since ancient Greece. It is primarily known for its purifying power of the body. Activated charcoal is also effective against treating and preventing all kinds of digestive and intestinal disorders. 

Activated charcoal is also said to be able to lower bad cholesterol, which can be a nice side effect for anyone who is overweight. People who are overweight generally have more bad cholesterol than people who are not overweight.

All in all, the activated carbon contains many useful properties for anyone who wants to lose weight and / or detox. It is included in many health products in 2019, but be aware that activated charcoal can lead to side effects in rare cases. Activated charcoal seems to have an influence on the extent to which your body absorbs medication and can very rarely lead to obstructions and holes in the intestine.


The third ingredient found in Black Latte is Omega-3. This crucial fatty acid for your body also affects your body weight.

Omega 3 initiates (extra) fat burning in your body and also inhibits your appetite. Several studies have confirmed this and shown that a diet high in omega-3 can help you lose weight and prevent weight gain.

Aside from their slimming-promoting properties, omega-3 ′ fatty acids support your body to prevent a wide variety of illnesses, including cardiovascular disease.


The last ingredient in the Back Latte formula is coconut milk, according to many health experts a benefit to your body. Coconut milk has many benefits as a food, including strengthening the immune system and the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

When it comes to losing weight, coconut milk is an interesting natural means to strengthen and accelerate the metabolism. The fatty acids naturally present in coconut milk increase your body’s metabolism. So what you eat is converted into energy faster than fat, which also stimulates the body to use fat reserves. Exactly the process your body needs if you want to lose weight.


The ingredients that make up Black Latte have largely been scientifically proven as ingredients that can contribute positively to fat burning. . What about in practice, however? Is it not only a nice formula on paper, but also in practice?

If we look at practice, and thus look at user reviews, it becomes clear that Black Latte produces mediocre results. The reviews on Black Latte’s official website do not represent the results achieved by the average user. Unfortunately, the majority of users do not lose weight at all and there are also strong doubts about the dosage of the ingredients.

Although the ingredients can contribute scientifically to a slimmer body, a certain dose must be taken for this. It is very likely that Black Latte is dosed far too low for that. Compensating for that low dose by exceeding the daily dose is certainly not recommended because activated carbon (in higher) amounts can be harmful to you. In addition, that would also be a very expensive joke, since Black Latte is anything but cheap.