At least 14 major issues fixed for Huawei and Honor with June patch


It will officially start in the next few days June update distribution for Huawei and Honor smartphones which will be deemed compatible with the software package in question. As has been the case for some time, in line with the standards of Samsung, the Chinese manufacturer gives us a preview of a sort of bulletin useful for understanding what to expect in the coming weeks, at least as regards the intervention of the developers on the security front.

The real utility of the June update for Huawei and Honor smartphones

It is said that the update in question coincides with that relating to EMUI 10.1, excluding the timeline of this software package that I brought to your attention a few days ago on our pages. Moral of the story? Huawei has released the details of the June 2020 EMUI security update in these hours and the two fronts must be analyzed individually. Looking forward to understanding what the corporate strategies will be for the individual models included in the program.

As always in these cases, I recommend that all users who receive the June update on their Huawei and Honor smartphones proceed with the download as soon as possible as soon as the software package is available. Exist operating system, kernel and driver problems which may not affect particular features of the devices in question, but which at the same time must be absolutely corrected through monthly patches. Also to avoid the danger of going through various types of problems in the coming months.

The June bulletin, however, tells us that the update has the merit of solving two critical vulnerabilities for Huawei and Honor devices, while another twelve have high priority. This, at least, the verdict that came to us from Huawei Central. Let us know as soon as the upgrade arrives on your device, with any extra features for the smartphone.