Anticipations Beyond the threshold Canale 5: Plot, cast, anticipations streaming

It will air on tonight Channel 5 the fiction “Beyond the threshold”. The second episode will be on air starting from 9:20 pm. The miniseries of the medical drama genre has had some success with the first episode and sees the protagonist, Gabriella Passion, in the role of a psychiatrist.

The plot of “Beyond the threshold” on Canale 5: the Advances

Tosca Navarro is the head of a cutting-edge department in the treatment of teenagers with mental illness. Tosca is the best in her field, but hides a secret. A difficult past and a diagnosis of schizophrenia. The doctor in the ward can avail himself of the help of valid psychiatrists and psychologists. Among these Alessandro Agosti, with whom Tosca is severe and sarcastic, but basically he respects him. He loves him and will help him in the search for love.

Then there are also the friendly and humble head nurse Maria Palli and Dr. Francesco Negri. The latter is a trained, narcissistic, competitive, professional antagonist psychiatrist from Tosca. To support Tosca in her battles is Barbara Cappello. Beautiful psychologist, blonde, sunny and in love with her husband. Unfortunately, having to do with the kids, Tosca often has to face the intervention of the Juvenile Court and Social Services.

Piergiorgio Di Muro, one of the prosecutor’s public prosecutors, attentive and scrupulous, immediately clashes with Tosca’s impatience with the rules. For the entire span of the series, their relationship oscillates between truth and lies, attachment and abandonment, courage and fear. The staff also includes Mirta Tonutti, the social worker; with great experience in the field. Mirta is the one who faces complicated families that are often the cause of the problems of young patients.

She and Tosca are very close friends and together they make an excellent team. The first case that Tosca has to face is that of Jacopo, a seventeen year old fond of drawing, apparently subject to psychiatric attacks, whose rebellious genius is not recognized in the degraded context in which he lives. Tosca will understand that the boy is cognitively gifted and will give him a chance to express himself outside the ward where the less attentive would like to lock him up.

“Beyond the threshold”: anticipations of the episode

According to what is shown in a video preview on the official website of Mediaset, in the episode of “Beyond the threshold”Which will be aired tonight from 9 pm and 11 pm, there will be new cases for Tosca. The first concerns Silvia, a girl who is hospitalized following an angry crisis at school. It is essential for the psychiatrist to find out the reason for her anger, above all because Silvia is surrounded by people who love her and until then has shown a strong passion for studying.

He also suspects that Catherine, one of her friends who visits her in the ward, is not telling the truth entirely. After being left in a bad way, Di Muro continues to think about Tosca, while the psychiatrist finds himself helping Roberto, who apparently manages to be comfortable only with music. The PM knows he is on the verge of falling in love, but this does not prevent him from investigating the life of the primary, especially when the woman proves to be rather elusive in front of her questions.

Beyond the threshold: the cast

The cast is made up of many characters who will intervene within the miniseries both decisively and marginally. In particular there are:

  • Tosca Navarro (Gabriella Pession)
  • Alessandro Agosti (Paolo Briguglia)
  • Maria Palli (Ida Sansone)
  • Francesco Negri (Alessandro Tedeschi)
  • Barbara Cappello (Nina Torresi)
  • Piergiorgio Di Muro (Giorgio Marchesi)
  • Mirta Tonutti (Camilla Ferranti)
  • Jacopo Colarusso (Ludovico Tersigni)
  • Silvia Saccato (Martina Cerroni)

Beyond the threshold: curiosity and streaming

The filming of the fiction was all done in Rome, while the choice of music is aimed at meeting the tastes of young people. In fact, both the soundtrack and all the music present are musical genres aimed specifically at young people.

During all the episodes of “Beyond the threshold”We will be able to listen to the new trap and indie rock trends. Also in the series are songs by artists such as Coez, Gemitaiz, Gazzelle and Achille Lauro, along with original songs by emerging musicians, including I’ll be ok. Piece chosen to close the last episode of the series.

Through Mediaset Play it will also be possible to review all the entire episodes in streaming. In fact, on the platform it is already possible to review the first episode aired on Wednesday 6 November.