Android, attention to put this image as the background of the phone: in a few seconds the smartphone “crashes”

A lake with placid waters, between the tops of the snow-capped mountains, and a spectacular sunset sky with the sun’s rays filtering through the clouds. This image, apparently relaxing and “harmless”, could actually rlethal to your phone. Yes, if you have a device with an operating system Android 10 you must be careful not to set it as wallpaper otherwise you would find an unpleasant surprise: the total “crash” of your smartphone, with the screen stuck to flash impossible to solve. The alarm went viral in the last few hours on social media where many, convinced that it was a hoax, tried to set the image in question, only to find the phone unusable and join the alarm.

So much so that the race to solve the problem started immediately “mystery”, with many people who have launched hypotheses and conjectures to clarify the reason for this strange phenomenon that affects Android devices of all brands: from Samsung to Nokia, from Xiaomi to OnePlus, up to the Google Pixels. At the moment only Huaweiinstead, as reported by Android Authority “it seems to be less vulnerable”. It is better, however, to avoid checking firsthand.

The most accepted hypothesis is that the problem is caused by the dynamic range of the image, which has a Google Skia color profile while Android 10, on the other hand, works with it sRGB standard. The stall therefore arises when the system tries to convert the photograph and failing it “crashes”. The bug is triggered only when you try to set the image as a background, nothing happens if for example you save it in the image gallery or if you open it as an attachment in an email. Maximum attention instead to download it from social networks, in particular from Twitter, which leaving the original resolution of the photo exposes those who come across it with an Android device to the risks. And the shot “offending”, in all probability may not be the only one out there that can cause this bug. For the time being, however, Mountain View has not issued any communication on the matter.

So what to do if you come across the photo and crash your smartphone? At the moment, experts suggest two alternatives: perform a total reset of the device restoring factory conditions but thus losing all the data (unless you have a backup) or – less drastic solution – delete the photograph by accessing in safe mode. Restarting the smartphone, in fact, is useless. If, however, you really don’t want to do without the most dangerous background on the web, the advice is to take a screenshot of the original image and set that as the background, so that it has a resolution “accepted” by Android.