Andrea Olivetti – the strength of a dream tonight on Raiuno: streaming, cast and history


The film for the tv on will air on tonight at 9:25 pm Adriano Olivetti. A story, that of the entrepreneur, that was worth telling. Rai Uno thought about it with a fiction dedicated to the character of Italian economic life. Tonight at 21.25 will be broadcast the first episode of the mini series in two events.

The plot of “Adriano Olivetti – the strength of a dream”

Adriano Olivetti, son of Camillo, founder of the factory, took over the company in 1932 and in 1938 became its president. Under his guidance in 1940 the first adder was born followed by the production of Divisumma 14, the first writing calculator in the world capable of performing even four operations. One of the most popular technological devices sold at a price equal to 10 times the production cost. Detail of not a little against. There were, in fact, enormous profits for the factory. In 1959 the company instead developed the Elea 9003 a transistorized mainframe computer, but only in the 1960s did it experience maximum expansion on markets all over the world. In every office that was a bank, a post office or a private practice there were accounting machines called Audits or La Mercator invoices.

Olivetti’s policy

During the years he led the factory, Olivetti attempted to harmonize industrial development with the affirmation of human rights and with participatory democracy inside and outside the factory. He then became a supporter of European fedaralism after meeting Altieri Spinelli during his exile in Switzerland in 1944. He went there as an anti-fascist.

Private life

Meanwhile in 1950 he married for the second time with Grazia Galletti. He already had three children with his ex-wife Paola. With Galletti he had another heir. In 1956 he was elected mayor of Ivrea and after two years he obtained two seats in Parliament by running for the Community Movement. In 1960, after a trip to Switzerland while on the train, he suffered a cerebral hemorrhage. Rescue is useless. At the time, no autopsy was performed and the idea of ​​a plot by US companies spread. It was later discovered that Olivetti was being investigated by the CIA. At the time of his death his company boasted a presence on all the major international markets with around 36 thousand employees.

How to see “Adriano Olivetti – the strength of a dream” streaming

It is possible to review the fiction about Adriano Olivetti on Rai Play, the online platform of the radio and television company that offers free content to the public. Viewers can access Rai Play through any device: from the computer to the smartphone, all you need is an internet connection. There is also an application that allows young generations to follow films and TV series directly from the mobile phone. On the Rai Play website, you can review the fiction at the following link.

The cast of the fiction

Adriano Olivetti – The strength of a dream is an Italian two-part television miniseries inspired by the life of Adriano Olivetti, directed by director Michele Soavi, the entrepreneur’s grandson.

  • Luca Zingaretti: Adriano Olivetti
  • Stefania Rocca: Karen Bates
  • Elena Radonicich: Grace
  • Francesca Cavallin: Paola Levi
  • Serena Rossi: Teresa
  • Massimo Poggio: Mauro Barale
  • Francesco Pannofino: Dalmasso
  • Domenico Diele: Free
  • Bruno Armando: Arrigo
  • Antonella Bavaro: Silvia