A superhero is incomplete without a cape, and a fashionista without her blog.’
When it comes to starting a blog, we have a lot of information. We also are aware of the basic steps- Create a blog on WordPress, buy a domain and web-hosting service, and design your blog, and so on. So, the basic need for a fashion blog is pretty easy to do. It is what comes next, which is hard. To create a successful and popular fashion blog, which has readers and has brand sponsorship is hard.
A survey says that by 2022, fashion brands will spend around $15 billion on various things, like promoted posts, blog posts, advertisements, and so on. You could be part of this, if you ensure that your blog is one of the best fashion blogs on the internet. How? Well, let’s discuss it below.

  1. Niche finding is crucial
    Fashion is a big industry; you cannot blog about the entire industry. That is why you need to find a niche. If you don’t know what type of fashion blogger, you want to become, it will become hard for you to create a successful blog. Are you a more comfortable and casual dresser? Or are you super into chic clothes and trends? Answers to this question will help you figure out what your posts will be about.
    When trying to find your niche, don’t worry about trends. Write about what you are passionate about when it comes to clothing. It can be western wear or Indian wear or fusion clothes or dresses or so on.
    When your niche is final, it’s time to brainstorm and come up with a cool name. It should represent your personality and go with the genre you have chosen.
  2. Be authentic
    Your fashion blog is not supposed to be fake. You need to be authentic. Even if you take inspiration from your fashion role models, don’t write about the things you will never wear or aren’t comfortable in. Fake it till you make it, it still means being authentic to your true self.
    If you don’t have a consistent voice, the readers won’t stick with you.
  3. Fashion blog setup
    Yes, we covered the three main things in passing. A little brief about the same is below:
    ⦁ Platform: WordPress is the biggest platform for creating a blog. Other platforms include Adobe, Rolling stone, and Microsoft, and SquareSpace. You can choose anyone, though we recommend WordPress as it’s the best one.
    ⦁ Domain name: It is advisable to buy a domain name. If you don’t, your blog name will end with the platform name, and it won’t be yours.
    ⦁ Web hosting: It is the service where you store all your images and files and so on. Buy the best one because it also keeps your blog speed in check, which is an important ranking factor. GoDaddy and Bluehost are two popular hosting services.
    Don’t go for free hosting and domain name, it won’t work out great for you.
  4. Theme
    A fashion blog needs to look compelling and pleasing. So, make sure you choose a fun theme but elegant at the same time. If you go with WordPress, you can find tons of themes on it for free. Or you can find some on the internet for nominal charges or even free. Make sure that it is relevant to your personality and is adaptable as per the blog content.
  5. Time to work on the content
    Now that you have set up your blog, it is time to start working on your content. Don’t make your blog live, unless and until you have at least 20 blog posts ready. You don’t want people to come to your blog to read a single post, right? So, start working on your content. Make a plan and come up with a topic that you know you can write on well. It is important that you have original images for your blogs as it works best. As you are showing your personal taste, it’s better to have original images. Unless you are writing fashion posts related to celebrities.
    In short, have a content strategy, and then go ahead with the blog. Never forget that you need the best images. Have a photographer on speed dial, and use Canva to edit your images as well.
  6. Have a business mind
    Yes, you want a blog in your name, but you do want to earn from it too. That will only happen if you have a business mind from the get-go. So, write guest posts, send emails to brands, and influencers for collaboration.
    Most importantly, have a social media presence. Show your blog posts on social media, as it can drive a lot of referral traffic for your site. The best social media for a fashion blog is Pinterest and Instagram, but having a FB account doesn’t hurt either.
    So, are you ready to take the fashion world by storm? Share your thoughts.