A “bomb” under government: Because now everything can collapse. Clash on the Mes

Storm on the Count bis. It is a clash in the majority of the Giallorossi. And the beams that keep the executive standing creak. Luigi di Maio (Foreign Minister and former political leader of the 5 Star Movement) against Giuseppe Conte (Prime Minister). It is a challenge for two, theirs. Something that closely resembles all internal divergences in government. At the center of the dispute would be the Mes. Europe. The Mes, let’s remember, is the tool born in Brussels to finance extraordinary healthcare costs for the effects of the coronavirus. A fund that for Italy would be worth up to 36 billion in the form of loans (at much better conditions than the market).

Prime Minister Conte has repeated it several times in the past weeks: “We will never use it”he said. And as many times rumors, indiscretions, behind the scenes about the imminent activation of the States-saving fund have circulated. Today, the Sole 24 Ore. According to the economic newspaper, the government is seriously considering saying yes to the instrument prepared by the European Union.

Conte allegedly entrusted to the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, the task of preparing a plan with the aim of securing the national health system. A dossier that includes approx 20 billion of investments, most of which coming from the Mes. The plan provides for the strengthening of the hospital network and that of local care: 10 billion of expenditure for each item, those hypothesized by Speranza. Inside, also the hiring of new medical personnel and the stabilization of temporary workers. Conte’s goal would be to take advantage of the Covid-19 emergency to secure once and for all the expensive (in terms of expenditure) of Italian healthcare.

The “niet” pentastellato, always opposed to Mes, seemed to have the upper hand until a few days ago. But now things would have changed. Against theobstructionism the pressures of an increasingly more compact front had emerged in the majority who instead declared themselves favorable to the European position. Group composed of Pd, Iv and Leu. One of the reasons why Conte would be thinking yes is staff stabilization. In three months to stem the pandemic over 23 thousand doctors and nurses were hired, more than half with precarious contracts. An extraordinary injection of resources could serve to definitively hire them and also hire new white coats as the National Health Service has lost 46 thousand operators in the last ten years.

EU funds, always explains the Sole 24 Ore, they could also partially finance the healthcare needs which in 2020 are worth 118 billion. If this path were viable, resources would be freed for other planned interventions such as those mentioned for the reduction of tax or infrastructure. The plan to which Speranza works is in line with the first steps taken during the emergency with the health that between maneuver 2020, March decrees and relaunch, brought home 6.85 billion more in five months, to which must also be added 2 billion for healthcare construction and the stabilization of 3,800 more intensive care beds and 4,225 in sub intensive care (half of which can be transformed into intensive care) to face a feared second wave of Covid in autumn. EU resources would therefore be welcome to restructure the whole system.

In short, to conclude, Conte could play everything by saying yes to Mes. Move with which he would expose himself to the attacks of the M5s. Just a few days ago Di Maio had declared that he trusted Conte on the States-saving dossier. Words, those of the Foreign Minister, which could soon be misled by the sudden turn of the Giallorossi premier.