Are you looking for ways to earn PMP certification to renew PDU? Yes, you need
to think twice before renewal because some certification requires renewing PDU or
some do not require it. PDUs(Professional Development Units) dominate our minds,
our spare time, and our conversations. Here, I am providing you with a shortlist of
techniques or ways that can help to earn PMP certification Renewal PDU.

  1. Training or courses –
    Project management institute conducts educational events like certificate courses,
    training, conferences, seminars, and many learning events. In these educational
    events, they conduct events for 1-3 days where speakers from different industries
    and other professionals share their experiences and knowledge. Even though you
    can conduct online courses also, these educational events will help to earn PDU.
  2. Digital media –
    Digital media is one of the best ways to earn PDU for PMP certification Training. If
    you are a busy project manager, you can take advantage of digital media to meet the
    requirement of your earning. Also, you can go through an advertisement which is a
    flexible, less expensive, and one-stop solution.
  3. Reading to earn PDU –
    If you are a book lover and reading is your hobby then you should use your passion
    to earn PDU through updating knowledge and use it to fulfil CCR for PMP renewal.
    You can increase the good number in PDU by reading.
  4. Volunteer Service –
    You can earn PDU through volunteer service. You should become a volunteer of any
    local project management association as a committee member, as an elected official
    and you can earn PDU for each hour of service.
  5. Take a Quiz to earn PDU –
    If you participate in a quiz conducted by PMI publication quizzes then you can earn
    PDUS between 0.5 to 2.5 depending on the quiz you have participated in. Also, the
    member price starts at $10 per quiz. It is one useful technique to earn PDU.
  6. Organization meetings –
    You should attend organizational meetings to increase your network as well as you
    can obtain knowledge that will increase PDU. You can find this kind of meeting in

your organization or conducted by third parties even though you can join some
online events also which can be helpful to earn PDU.

  1. Create Content for Learning resources –
    If you want to write an article or a book, then please do it as it is a great incentive to
    earn PDU. You can create content on educational topics, or you can make some
    online learning resources also. If you are interested in writing a book on a good topic,
    then it will also help to earn your PDU. After all, in the end, your goal is to earn more
    and more PDU.
  2. Self-study –
    Do you have a lot of study materials, books, video collections, and other learning
    resources? Or are you interested in some formal discussion with your colleagues?
    So, start self-study from your backup and update your knowledge. Also, start to
    communicate formally with your colleagues and customers. Now, you will think about
    why it is necessary? Yes, it is necessary as it will help you to earn a maximum of 30
    PDU points for your renewal of certification.
  3. Coaching –
    Coaching develops fundamental communication as well as leadership skills.
    Coaching is not only to give knowledge to others but to develop your skills and your
    personal growth also.
  4. Free PDU ideas via Email –
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    But also, your questions will be answered, and you can learn important PDU rules
    and policies.
    Overall, the above listed are 10 excellent ways to earn PMP certification renewal
    PDU. Don’t you think so? Share your views in the comments section.