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Jul 22, 2013


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Well, who's surprised? The Daily Mail is one of the winners here, as is the Sun etc. A friend (who went through his teenage years during the 90s era of dial-up and shared household computers) recently told me that in the absence of online pornography he spent his adolescence "wanking over the Next catalogue". Now it'll be over the Mail Online. They don't want to get rid of all online sleaze, just online sleaze that they can't get away with publishing.

it isn't the nudity that gets me with this paper it is the absolute obsession with the Kardasians. Kim has a poo, Kim breaths, Kim walks. It's unhealthy and verges on stalking.

Thank God the Mail had the moral fibre to spearhead this campaign - I was worried that my son's internet pornography interest was taking valuable time away from playing violent computer games, listening to misogynistic rap music, and consuming government-approved intoxicants.

Pointless "opt in legislation". The number of false positives will be so vast that ALL net subscribers will have to opt in. Now, who pays for all this? Yep the consumer and the tax payer. What a crock.

Good, but sadly fake. Photoshopped.

Unfortunately all the porn AND all the Daily Mail content will continue to exist despite the efforts of many.

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