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Jan 28, 2013


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I’d like to think that if this had happened outside my daughter’s gym class the headline would instead be “Photographer kicked in the nuts outside gym class”

This is sick. As a parent - in fact, forget that - as a human being this disgusts me.

Doesn't the Daily Mail complain about people sexualising young girls and making them grow up too quick? Now they're calling an 8 yo a "leggy beauty"! WTF!!

This is the Daily Mail that a few months back mindlessly parroted Julie Burcill's preposterous lie that John Peel regulartly hosted schoolgirl beauty pageants ...on the RADIO!

Currybet, this is standard for the Mail, Suri Cruise has been hounded and creeped over by them since birth. Also, no mention of this girl looking clearly very annoyed by the photographers, who the Mail paid for their intrusion.

err, meant that to Chris clearly. Bit daft today. I think somewhere on themediablog they broke down the number of Suri 'articles' they had in a year, forget the details, but it was every 2 or 3 days I think.

The Mail article suggests the girl and her 3-year-old sister (what are they doing hounding a 3-year-old and 8-year-old!) were playing up to the cameras. Ridiculous. But perhaps the Mail writes that for its own sake. They need to pretend this is somehow just another knock-about showbiz story about celebrities inviting such coverage upon themselves. The alternative would be admitting to themselves they ran it for sickeningly inappropriate reasons.

Of course they were playing to the cameras. That is what little girls do, being a princess or a film star, but with no idea of the meanings adults construct

one thing i don't know how many people picked up here was calling her gym kit "work out attire"

how many 8 year olds do you know who work out? kids go to the gym for fun, exercise, sure, but not to work out! working out to me sounds like a very adult definition, it's about toning your abs or getting ready for a bikini beach holiday or a hot date. that implication of her working out in the gym just...

1 - it totally feeds into body image issues which 8yo girls shouldn't have and
2- it adds a really creepy element :/

Shock horror, The DM is a grubby tabloid rag that isn't fit to line a cat tray. Not at all surprised TBH

It continues to amaze me that people still buy the Mail, do they do it for the comedy or do they seriously buy into what the Mail is selling?

maybe the paper should be known as the daily paedomail

I recommend that everyone concerned by this article write to the Press Complaints Commission reference Clase 3 (Privacy) and Clause 6 (Children). It's in clear breach of both.

That paper needs shutting down. Ran by nazis, who clearly look at children on the side. IT'S NOT THE 1960S, DAILY MAIL

Daily mail - the respectable face of paedophilia
This child had bern photographed wearing gym clothes heading from a gym class, in what way is that playing to the camera?

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