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May 14, 2012


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As a journalist the first thing I learnt was how to respond to criticism and the workings of social media. Not a good reflection on news corp that are facing declines in readership ...

if for example Giles Coren had replied with
'I appreciate your point of view, it's your choice to read my article, but please in future try not to be so (insert word of choice)'
Then this whole story would've have been about everyones reaction to @alice_emily and her attack on @mumsnet where 100's of people would've have brought her down.

"some people think twitter is a device to be rude to people they don't know. I won't stand for that"

Hopefully the "barren old hag" will now realise that you can only slag off strangers when you have a column in one of Fleet Street's finest

Coren is like so many 'posh' kids on twitter. They pepper their discourse with punctuated 'fucks' and break all the politeness conventions known to man. They see 'niceness' as terribly bourgeois and old hat for 2012. It is a shame, his Dad's generation were fabulously witty and Coren himself is a bright guy but so many of the literarti London set resort to this 'Fuck you' retort when criticised on twitter. A working class guy would probably receive a summons and a restraining order-good old public schools.

I have to agree with the last comment. The childish 'abuse' Coren goes in for is so immature. It's as if he's just taken his first tentative steps in swearing at Prep School and has 'gone rogue' at the tuck shop counter. The reason I get so peeved is that anyone else using this kind of fucking language is usually sacked for gross misconduct. Coren however is lauded like Prince Rupert of the Rhine! No doubt Coren will respond by quoting some obscure 17thc poet at me or tell me to 'Go fuck myself'. But it makes no difference, I look forward to seeing him surface in 6 months time for yet another Sue Perkins excursion when he'll no doubt be dressed as Henry fucking James tucking into a pink salmon!!! I give up!

I completely agree with John's above comment. And my two cent's worth: I can completely understand that the first reaction is hot-headedness when someone criticizes an article you spent several hours writing. But Coren's been a writer for far too long to react in such a churlish manner. I found his response to be offensive and puerile. Oh, Vincent's tweet was inflammatory, but Coren's response was simply ugly.

I think Coren was simply sticking up for himself. However, if you compare the vitriol aimed at Richard Keys and Andy Gray and the frequent rants from the Crouch End Oxbridge mob on twitter there does seem to be double standard.

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