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Mar 28, 2011


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It gets worse. "Julian" is a stand-in for Tony Blair. You know, in case that sex scene wasn't quite horrifying enough...

It reads like a strong contender for the Literary Review's bad Sex prize.

not only is julian a thinly veiled blair, sally is supposedly rebekah wade...

When used in a sexual context the phrase "silver tongue" is especially unpleasant (I say this as a man, maybe the ladies love the idea)


You are just encouraging her ! Don't you fools understand that there is 'No such thing as bad publicity'..?

Far more deterring people from buying this, it is bringing to an ever-wider pool of public attention.

Many of whom will be buying it from sheer idle curiosity, or thinking that "It's so bad, it must be good..".

If you don't stop this, the danger is that Kay B will end up as the next Jilly Cooper or Jackie Collins and end up rich beyond her wildest dreams.

There is still time to stop Kay escaping into the wild 'Fukoshima radiation' style - but not for much longer..

I wonder if I want to buy this novel. May be I can compell my friend to buy it, then I can borrow it.

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