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Mar 20, 2011


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It's funny, I always thought there was something Stepford Wives about Midsomer Murders. I realise now it's because everyone is white middle classed. I now wonder if that weirdness was intentional?

Didn't Mitchell's own Channel4 show stick the boot in to 'Midsomergate'?

Has Mitchell or his cronies never picked on the most newsworthy, most inappropriate, most controversial or funniest element of what somebody said and riff on it to a point where context and fairness are lost?

As you say, if he was a bit smarter he'd not have provided the quotes.

That was the column's point, wasn't it? Don't relax, just because it's the RT. Be careful what you say to anyone.

That's the whole point about a society where everything you say to anyone might get reported anywhere - it's sensible to say as little as you can unless you're with your friends. Not lie, necessarily, but avoid saying anything. It makes people seem mealy-mouthed and over careful because they're nervous.

I'm not making a value judgment. It's just what seems to be the case.

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