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Oct 16, 2009


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Fuck me gently - the bullshit spoken about the power of Twitter and social media is just complete unadulterated bollox. Using totally meaningless terms like "Web-savvy demographic" is not big and not clever.

The problem with all this shit is that it just professes to say that if the herd is saying something, it must be right.

Of course I am pleased that the Trafigura case has come out into the open. But this was in the news back in May when Newsnight covered it.

Jan Moir is a silly bitch, but that is just my opinion. Anyone would think she hates gay people. She has a gay son for fucks' sake.

The idea that you media gurus propagate is that old farts must be in the wrong because they are just so un-cool, whereas you are at the cutting edge of media trendiness as you are able to hide your middle-aged-ness behind some fatuous 'lifestyle branding'.

What the fuck does any of this mean for real issues like Copenhagen. Twenty percent of fuck all. There are young, hip people who don't give a shit about the environment. There are old jumper wearing dullards who are massively intelligent and well-informed about the environment and are willing to protest about it.

But that wouldn't fit into your agenda that the way to solve the problems of the world is to ask middle-aged middle-class mediocre metropolitan types to get a Twitter account and pretend that they are teenage skateboard dudes and wear the cool brands.

Well, if you think that is the solution, we are all fucked as you venerate thick youth and superficial inexperience over old wisdom, experience and intelligence.

Wankers one and all.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting 'Bedd'. Sounds like there might have been a point there, lost amid all the swearing, so appreciate you taking the time to contribute. Glad you were able to get it off your chest.

So Jan Moir's son is gay so her piece can't have been homophobic? Oh dear, looks like somebody's bought into the "some of my best friends are black" school of thought.

Whether she "hates gays" or not she has genuinely offended a lot of people.

Is it not surely refreshing that young people now have a voice that is actually heard? And, in the current climate of political and social apathy, any manner of making it easier for people to actually get involved and emotional about things around them is - mostly - good. Whether you're ready to accept this or not Bedd, we're living in a modern age. I imagine, had you been there at the time, you'd have been in uproar about women receiving the right to vote.

I agree with Carla, she has offended a great many people, not just homosexuals and not just Gately fans. The tone of the article (and those below it) was callous and totally insensitive, and mine and many other people's issue with it, was that the only FACT that is seemed to contain was that Stephen Gately is, in fact, dead. The rest was pure speculation which isn't journalism, it's pub chat that she's getting paid for.

In one article, this poinsonous, hate-filled little woman managed to insult or offend the majority of the gay community, Gately's family, friends and fans, the families, friends and fans of those who she predicted the not-too-distant deaths of (most of which were drug addicts making a huge effort to get clean - not good enough for Moir apparently), a coroner(!), virtually all of Twitter and has done the unthinkable - dragged the Daily Mail's reputation down even further.

She should not be sacked but she should not be allowed to play the victim. She should be ordered to choose: write a fully apology or resign.

Oh and as for the gay son - perhaps a deep-rooted bitterness there that he won't provide her with grandchildren? Maybe she's trying to turn him? Or maybe she's just a tactless wench.

Great comments Han and Carla - thanks for taking the time.

If you are a God-fearing heterosexual Catholic seeking to be married in a Roman Catholic Church, having already been divorced many years prior through no fault of your own, you would be refused. There are no grounds to appeal against that decision. It is absolute. So I find it hypocritical of the Roman Catholic Church to bend over backwards to accommodate the funeral of an active homosexual, a high profile individual who "married" someone of the same sex no less, when such behaviour is condemned by the Roman Catholic Church and is strictly forbidden under its Canon Law. Indeed, it is regarded as a mortal sin and thereby a bar for entry into the Kingdom of Heaven, as stated in Holy Scripture. Such double standards are nonetheless found acceptable by the post-Vatican II Church in the current climate of modernism and liberalism where anything goes for the cult of celebrity which even eclipses Church Law and Doctrine. I am reminded of the pro-abortionist, pro-war ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair being received at the Vatican with open arms when he decided to become a Roman Catholic. What absolute hypocrisy and only possible through the Church applying one rule for wealthy celebrities and another for everyone else.

Everything That Bedd Gelert said, and not just cos I live near there. I would also ask what the fuck was 'natural' about someone his age dropping dead suddenly? What is this 'natural causes' thing, can we be vaccinated against it? It sounds fucking dangerous to me!

Firstly, I love the inability that some people have to accept that young people do unfortunately die without being murdered, ran over or, indeed, "bummed to death". I think that treat was reserved for Edward II, all be it he got "bummed" with a red hot poker. If you're going to be pedantic, NO ONE dies of natural causes. There's something that triggers the body to stop working. And this reason was provided by the coroner - a pulmonary odema. So that's that solved then.

Secondly, as a Catholic, I do adore it when the Catholics start harping on. I like the way they "cling onto tradition" and still, to this day, spread their hatred and get away with saying pretty much what they want by citing religious beliefs. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that Jesus taught love and acceptance, "judge not lest ye be judged", "let he who is without sin cast the first stone", etc. It's the normal (and in one case illiterate) people who wrote the Bible who said don't be gay, don't get divorced, don't have sex before marriage, actually, don't do anything that might let you have the slightest bit of fun in your life because remember, Jesus died for us. Piffle! Who cares if he was gay or not? If he was a perfectly good, kind, law-abiding man who didn't do anyone any harm and lived his life in a loving, caring way, then he is by definition Christian and has the right to have his funeral in a Church.

I haven't gone to Church for eight years because I find the Catholic teachings to be so stuck in the dark ages, judgemental and filled with doom. So yes, Séan, you begrudge his poor (probably Irish Catholic) family the funeral they need for their son on the basis of his sexuality and then sit back reading this post feeling far superior and satisfied in the knowledge that I must be a heathen because I don't go to Church anymore. Oh, and just to confirm your suspicions, not only did I have sex before marriage, but I had a CHILD before marriage (hey, at least I didn't have an abortion though, right?) and I got married in a castle, not a church AND my son hasn't been Christened yet. And I don't hate gays! Uh oh... I'm going to Hell.

Apologies for the long post but Good Lord, Catholics like you get up my nose!

If it makes you feel any better Will (Sturgeon) double standards in the Roman Catholic church are not something new.
The early Popes had mistresses, murdered rivals and committed rape, thereby laying the foundation for a faith that continued to accept killing, in the interests of increasing the power of the church.

Thanks Tony. Not sure where the Catholic church fits in this discussion about Jan Moir's piece but thanks for the comment.

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