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Oct 29, 2009


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Great post Conrad.

I think the survey was also highly questionable - and Morse, the company responsible for it fairly luddite in its assessment of the findings. The wording of their press release will only have helped steer journos down this narrow-minded path.

What constitutes time wasting?

For example, say I spend four hours a week on social media - writing blog posts, conversing and sharing information via Twitter. Say half of that is in work time and there's no short-term value - that's "time-wasting" right?

But long term there is considerable commercial value in people being able to find me online and seeing that I can use tools and platforms they are trying to understand the value of.

Companies, such as Morse clearly still exist in a very analogue world where they equate people 'playing on computers' with time wasting because it doesn't fit neatly into traditional ways of assessing meaningful activity.

I'd have thought a technology company would be more open-minded.

Agree. It's a good article that I can apply this for my routine. I loved it, so usefully. Thanks :)

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